Hi, I’m Louis Morgan, an English teacher from Cardiff

My teaching style is characterised by a warm, friendly and engaging manner. I believe this helps pupils learn more effectively as they are more relaxed and can enjoy their learning.

Louis Morgan, an English teacher from Cardiff, UK

I have been teaching English for eight years and it has taken me all over the world – from secondary schools in New Zealand, London and Cardiff to tuition centres in Spain and Hong Kong. I have also worked at Cardiff University teaching international students as they prepare to begin their graduate studies.

In all my teaching jobs I have been fascinated by the following question:

What are the keys to effective learning?

Firstly, the expertise of the teacher.

I have a strong track record of communicating the fundamental aspects of a topic in a straightforward and accessible manner. This is vital when helping pupils with an area of English in which they currently lack confidence and competence.

Secondly, love for the subject.

I am passionate about English in all its forms (literature, language and creative writing). My tutoring will help you to gain confidence while expanding your knowledge and skills in understanding English, expressing yourself clearly and creatively – when writing and speaking.

"His teaching style is very thorough and fluid."

— Year 10 GCSE student