Personalised English tuition for children and adults

Whether you’re in Year 8 and struggling with reading comprehension, a Year 10 student feeling stumped with your GCSE literature text or an adult who wants to improve your conversational English, my classes will provide you with the confidence and competence to help you make progress and enjoy your learning.

My experience of teaching both the English and Welsh national curricula will ensure that my lessons are tailored to suit you – wherever you live in the world.

Online English classes for younger pupils

School child learning English online

Key Stage 3 school support

Getting to grips with Key Stage 3 English is essential – it’s the foundation upon which to build as your child progress towards his/her GCSE examinations. I can provide support for reading, writing and oracy through my personalised classes.

GCSE (WJEC and EDEXCEL examinations) and IGCSE courses

Understanding the requirements of the GCSE Literature and Language papers can go a long way in helping your son or daughter prepare for these examinations. My classes will help them identify any weaknesses and develop their ability to produce high quality written responses – both for GCSE Language and Literature.

Creative Writing

How can we build suspense in a piece of writing? Or write dialogue convincingly? Studying English Literature and Creative Writing at university has given me the knowledge and tools to write in a range of different styles for a variety of purposes – and your child will learn how to craft their own quality pieces of writing suitable for school and examinations.

11+, 13+ school entrance examinations and general school support

Preparing for any test or exam is all about practice. My classes will help prepare your child for the 11+ and 13+ Common Entrance examination by concentrating on common mistakes and how to improve English spelling and grammar. I have specialized experience working with pupils preparing for these tests in Hong Kong.

"Every week we delve deeper into the themes I've studied at school and thoroughly break these down into steps I can use for my own analysis."

— Year 10 GCSE student

Paper aeroplane

Online English classes for older students and adults

Boy learning English for university entrance

Pre-sessional language skills for university entrance

Preparing for a Pre-sessional course is all about your language competence and includes: reading and comprehending a variety of texts; expressing your own ideas in a formal manner and discussing research with classmates. My classes will help you feel more confident when preparing for your university degree in the UK.

UCAS personal statement support for university entrance

A personal statement is your chance to articulate your ambitions for the future and show admissions staff you will be an asset to their university. Many students feel daunted when writing a personal statement, but with careful planning and editing you will learn how to create a statement that highlights your achievements, showcases your talents and – most importantly – gets you that all important interview!

English conversation

Improving your conversational English is a great way to feel more confident with the language. Whether you want to improve your grammar or just develop your listening skills, my classes will help you do this in an enjoyable and engaging way.

Adult learning English online for better English conversation and creative writing

"Studying English with Louis was interesting and engaging. My lessons have been essential in improving my English and with his help I faced my university interview with confidence."

— Adult learner